4 key areas CDK Global is supporting dealers in 2023 and beyond — Barb Edson

CDK Global is ideally situated to better serve dealers and customers with cutting-edge applications to cover every stage of the car buying process, including digital retailing, DMS management, and fixed operations, to name a few. Recently, CBT News sat down with Barb Edson, Chief Marketing Office of CDK Global at this year’s NADA Show, to learn more about the industry’s current challenges and the creative solutions CDK has built to help dealers combat them.

Key takeaways:

1. In conversations with dealers, CDK learned that while profitability has reached a record high, dealers are keen to maintain the high profit given the impending inflation.

2.  Dealership headcounts have decreased by 32% in the sales department and 9% overall.

3.  People are connecting modern retailing with digital retailing. According to CDK data, 84% of dealers use digital retailing tools to generate leads.

4.  There are four main areas where CDK supports dealers, including the ability to securely import and export data from CDK software and a cloud-based interface that provides simplified and personalized access to key CDK platforms. CDK also offers streamlined accounting workflows and solutions to optimize the in-store sales process.

5. CDK aims to modernize dealer operations and promote technological advancements at the dealership level.

the customer experience is vital to the entire car buying process.” —Barb Edson

Notable background:

Currently, CDK provides service to about 15,000 dealership rooftops across North America that deal in cars, trucks, heavy equipment, farm and construction equipment, powersports, boats, and RVs. 

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