How TrueCar helps auto dealers provide Amazon-like customer experiences — Jay Nieman

As the automotive industry undergoes significant technological change, TrueCar aims to help dealerships provide total customer satisfaction for every transaction. Recently, CBT News anchor Jim Fitzpatrick sat down with Jay Nieman, Head of Sales at TrueCar, during this year’s NADA Show to learn more about the company’s strategy for car dealers moving forward.

Key takeaways:

1. In his new position as Head of Sales, Nieman now oversees all sales, service and operational matters. 

2. Nieman was drawn to the TrueCar product road map. TrueCar is leaning heavily into the digital side of the business and TrueCar Plus helps to provide the Amazon-like experiences that customers are demanding today.

3. TrueCar is serving two audiences: its dealer partners and the customers they serve. Nieman finds that dealers are mostly preoccupied with inventory acquisition and digital retailing. Many dealers want to sell completely online but there are many facets to that process to sort out. 

4. Nieman points out that because of the significant investments required, electrification will be a challenge for dealers, but digital retailing will also present new opportunities for the business.

5. In additon to technology, robust staffing strategies will also be vital for auto dealers in 2023.

this is a year to get back to the basics.” —Jay Nieman

Notable background:

Nieman brings 21 years of experience in the automotive industry to his new role as Head of Sales for TrueCar.

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