Brian Pasch on trends in modern retailing, marketing, and the upcoming Digital Marketing Strategies Conference

This July the Digital Marketing Strategies Conference will be held in Napa, California or you can choose to attend virtually. The choice is yours. Here to give us all a sneak peak on what all participants can expect is Brian Pasch, Founder and CEO of PCG Companies, also the host of CBT’s monthly series, Auto Marketing Now.

The theme of this year’s conference is breakthroughs, digital marketing, and sales processes.

Pasch says there are three things that will stand out the most for attendees. The first is the tremendous changes in advertising privacy. Second is the impact of dealership advertising and possibly becoming a cookieless future. Lastly, primary advertising tools, such as Facebook and Google. Most dealers are confused about what they can and cannot do.

Pasch believes there will be changes in digital retailing because more manufactures are mandating tools and are taking consumers off the dealer’s websites. Also stating, dealers aren’t understanding what they’re losing and how they can fight back.

In order to get ahead of the game, Pasch says dealers have to use this time wisely. At the event, they will be discussing different breakthroughs of how dealers can look at their website and give them an opportunity to reframe their marketing strategies to be more competitive in the years ahead.

As the conversation wraps up Pasch recommended two people who needed to attend the event. The person who’s making decisions regarding marketing stategies, and the person who’s responsible for the sales process. Those types of people will always leave with something new that can improve their business.

The all-inclusive conference will take place July 11-13 at the Napa Valley Marriot in Napa, California.

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