The Weekly Automotive Market Minute for October 28, 2020

automotive market

Welcome to the Weekly Automotive Market Minute with Bridget Fitzpatrick:

market update

The retail SAAR of new car sales came out to 12.13 this week, almost identical with last year’s number with only a 0.1% dip from 12.14.

market updateInventory levels among all new vehicles were down 15.9% from 2019.

market updateNew-vehicle sales sat at 229,319 slightly down 1.6% from last year when the inventory sold was 232,923.

Used vehicles continue to stay on pace with last year’s numbers. Used-vehicle sales came out to 186,451, up 1% from the year prior’s total of 184,538.

In addition, used car inventory was up 12.8%.

The Dow Jones was down 0.8% at opening bell this morning while the S&P 500 was down 2.06% and the Nasdaq composite index was up 2.62%. Average interest rates remain low at 3.09%, and the average cost of gas is $2.15 per gallon.

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