The Power of Cable TV Advertising for Auto Dealers

cable tv

If you really want to impact auto sales, you need to impact the shopping process early. A recent study found 86% of auto buyers research online prior to visiting a local dealership. With that in mind, it’s imperative to reach shoppers before they go online. If marketers focus on the consideration phase, they stand a much better chance of winning the shopping process downstream. And, with data-driven tools and analytics, cable television is a powerful vehicle to drive full-funnel impact that guides consumers’ thinking on brands, features, financing and more.

cable tv

With cable TV, rich data allows advertisers to evolve from a general daypart or demographic configuration to a marketer’s unique focus on specific audience segments and car buying behaviors. Layering on proof of performance attribution tools, show cable TV is worthy of a greater investment.

Driving Web Traffic

TV advertising is one of the most effective mediums to boost web traffic. The Video Advertising Bureau (VAB) explored the connection between web traffic and TV ad spend for auto brands with the highest TV spending. Studying year-over-year results, the VAB found changes in TV spending caused disproportionately high changes in web traffic for 19 of the 25 manufacturers studied, or 76%.

Of these 19 manufacturers, 11 auto brands increased TV spending by an average of 15% and experienced an average 48% surge in unique website visitors. The other eight decreased spending by an average of 15%, leading to an overall 28% dip in unique visitors.

While general in nature, this study shows an old adage still has legs. Increasing awareness and first choice preference is key to shopping-related activities.

Reaching Targeted Audiences

Now with smart targeting and data-based modeling, cable TV advertisers can hone in on audiences, such as individuals in the market for a new or used vehicle, in particular geographies versus entire metropolitan areas.

These advancements are effective and efficient, with better starting points than dayparts and demographics, allowing dealers to target the right audiences at the right time in the purchase funnel. Cable can deliver messaging across all platforms and devices at any time down to the zone level, building brand awareness, developing trust and influencing consideration of offerings.

Cable TV Tips

cable tv

Early TV touchpoints and message delivery in a brand-safe environment rich with premium content sets the stage for online shopping. To help your TV ad have the greatest positive impact, tailor it on every front. Craft a unique branding message that sets you apart from the competition, ensure it resonates with your desired audience and be consistent across all video platforms.

To achieve maximum results, use household-level targeting capabilities to make more informed buying decisions and deliver your message across screens, wherever your target audience is watching video content.

Finally, measure engagement metrics and optimize. Analyze your web traffic, and monitor how it changes after your campaign launches. With this data, you can determine how well the campaign helped meet important goals, and use this insight to inform future campaigns.

Overall, cable TV can reach a specific set of people, and it can reach them early and help drive web traffic. If your desired customers haven’t seen your message by the time they enter the market, you’ve already waited too long.

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