The importance of monitoring your ad spend and finding the right messaging for your market – Kyle McCracken & Brent Durham, iFrog Marketing Solutions

Like every other department in the car dealership, dealers are having to re-tool their marketing practices to compete in a post-COVID market. Today, we find out how one company is producing stronger ROIs for dealers by capitalizing on current trends and leveraging innovative technologies. We’re pleased to welcome Kyle McCracken, CEO of iFrog Marketing Solutions, and Brent Durham, COO, and President.

McCracken begins the conversation by giving a perspective of what was and wasn’t working for his company. McCracken said being born in a dealership, iFrog Marketing Solutions, employees are trained in all things automotive and that they were fortunate enough to understand what their dealers were going through. He believes having that industry ‘in-house’ knowledge helped their processes internally.

Durham continues to add that when dealers know the dealership ins and outs, it’s always a plus.

When asked about how iFrog uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help produce better ROI for dealers in digital marketing, Durham states that they still have a hands-on approach. There are still objectives they’re trying to reach and they still need to have a manual hand. With the constant changes to the algorithm, conversions, and rates those are something, you have to pay close attention to.

McCracken says that although it was a pandemic, he believes the most important thing is continuing to make sure their name is still out there. With a shift in different messaging, the ad dollars are still being spent.

Durham continues the conversation by stating, even during the chip shortage there still are different measures dealers should take, so they won’t make mistakes. They have to make sure to allocate marketing budgets, and pay attention to co-op and what they can get refunded for, be aggressive about unused trades that are sitting around, and stock up on unused inventory. He believes that this might be the opportunity to take a big cut out of the Jiffy Lube’s and other independents and put loyalty back into servicing.

When asked about the importance of micro-moments and Omnichannel marketing in 2021, Durham says that it’s more relevant than ever. It is important to pay attention to your marketing dollars and finding the right messaging for those micro-moments.

He continues the conversation discussing how his clients just want to sell and service more vehicles but certain strategies and tactics go with certain objectives. He says that whether it’s a new vehicle, pre-owned, certified, or service lanes, the Omnichannel approach is to make sure multiple channels are covered.

When asked, does he believe iFrog is on the right track, McCracken says, absolutely.

Durham ends the conversation with his outlook toward the future of iFrog Marketing Solutions. He says, he and McCracken are nerds at heart and they want to get better ORI’s and at everything they’re doing.

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