The Evolution of On-Lot Shopping – Larry Dorfman



The role of the salesperson on the floor has changed over the years and now engaging with customers extends far beyond the reach of an in-store experience. The fact of the matter is that a buyer probably knows more about the car they want than your most seasoned employee.

CBT News had a one on one interview with Larry Dorfman, Chairman and CEO of Easycare to talk in depth about the evolution of on lot car shopping and how successful dealerships learned early on to make the online to store transition as seamless and simple as possible. With Savy Driver and Savy Lot you can turn your vehicle from standard to street smart.

Larry has extensive knowledge with the automotive retail community. We recently reported on, SAVY’s award-winning technology that bridges the gap between your customer’s digital vehicle shopping experience and the dealership retail experience. In addition to the comprehensive inventory, it gives the dealer a back office to know where every piece is at any time, customers can also greatly benefit from it’s cutting edge technology.


Car shopping over the years has changed. From the time spent to the backend research, to the in-store financing process has taken on a new form and with that new expectations.