The 4 essential rules to successful selling

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On the latest episode of Straight Talk, host David Lewis, President of David Lewis & Associates, discusses the rules that are applied to every structured process, which are the four rules to sales success.

Every salesperson know personal charisma can go a long way in getting customers to buy.. However, there are certain principles that tend to produce a consistent sales structure that is dependable in most circumstances. Lewis says he’s seen the value of what he calls ‘The 4 Rules of Sales’.

customersRule number one is never ask a question that can result in a lie. Lewis says, so many car salespeople have been taught over the years that buyers are liars. He says, how could we serve our customers to the best of our ability, if we thought all our customers were liars? Lewis believes that customers lie because of the questions you ask them. Questions you should asking are, what is your budgetDo you have a trade-in? If so, how much do you believe it’s worth?

The second rule is, never ask a question that will produce an answer you don’t want to hear. There are questions that will always turn things into the wrong direction. One of them is, are you plan on buying a car today? It’s hard to recover from that question or recover any confidence. Put yourself in the customers shoes and figure out what questions to avoid.

Rule number three is, never ask a question or make a statement that will make the customer more defensive. Lewis recommends you don’t use, user-trial closes, if you truly want to connect with your customer on a level that inspires them to want to work with you.

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Lastly, rule number four is, always try to catch the customer pleasantly off guard. Lewis says, there’s so many negative opinions about our business that it’s almost impossible to erase all of it. You can’t make everyone like us, but you certainly can make them like you. Do your best to be unique and different from what the customer expects. Research has shown that car shoppers who enjoy the salesperson their dealing with usually become buyers from that same person. Treat your customers like friends, and they’ll become one.

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