How to succeed and thrive after experiencing major setbacks with Dr. Randall Bell, ‘The Master of Disaster’

When you get knocked down, what's your game plan for getting back up?

Disruptions happen, whether it be in our businesses or personal lives, and it is easy to feel overwhelmed in these instances. But how you manage these disruptions can make the difference in whether you thrive or take a deep dive. On today’s show, we’re pleased to welcome ‘The Master of Disaster’ to help us better thrive after our own disasters, Dr. Randall Bell, socio-economist, CEO of Landmark Research Group, author of Me We Do Be: The Four Cornerstones of Success, speaker and star of the TV miniseries: Distressed Real Estate.


It’s important to take big information and explain it succinctly says Bell. When you get knocked down, what’s your game plan for getting back up? He says the ‘me’, it’s about our mindsets and attitudes. There are things we can do to adjust our attitudes and put them in the right way. Bell wants people facing a positive uphill going forward. ‘We”, is about having connections with the right people. ‘Do’ is getting the work done. Bell explains it as taking care of our health, money, and products and services. ‘Be’ is becoming. What I notice is that people that thrive in the aftermath of being knocked down have a sense of accomplishment and legacy they want to establish and says Bells.

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Simple things like making your bed in the morning or having inspiration around you, can have measurable differences in your life. One of the biggest mistakes people make, after a setback is giving up hope. Bell says don’t feel bad when you get knocked down but don’t get there stuck there. He says before you leave someone behind in a bad place, you should try and help them. If they don’t take the help, move on.

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