Test Your Willingness To Help Others Lead

empowering leader

Quick self-exam reveals your inclinations as an ‘empowering leader.’


Among the important questions that successful leaders should frequently ask themselves is, Am I helping others develop their potential as a leader? Am I an empowering leader? Leadership is all about bringing your people up around you, and leaders who neglect to empower others tend to be insecure.

With that in mind, below is a quick test for your to self-assess your willingness to be an empowering leader, along with a key to interpret your score and decide how to follow up.

Rate yourself on each question on a 1 to 10 scale, with 1 being Never and 10 being Always. Add the ratings for all questions to get your total empowering leadership score. A perfect score would be 100.

  1. Do I believe in people and feel they are an organization’s most appreciable asset? ____
  2. Do I feel that team leadership can accomplish more than individual leadership? ____
  3. Do I look for potential leaders and quickly assimilate them into the organization? ____
  4. Do I desire to raise others above my own level of leadership? ____
  5. Do I invest time developing people who have leadership potential? ____
  6. Do I enjoy watching others get credit for what I taught them? ____
  7. Do I allow others the freedom of personality and process, or do I have to be in control? ____
  8. Do I give my influence publicly to potential leaders as much as possible? ____
  9. Do I plan to have others take my present position? ____
  10. Do I hand the leadership baton off to a teammate and truly root for him or her? ____
  • If you scored 100, congratulations! You are an empowering leader.
    • Leadership coaching tip: Commit yourself to developing leaders who empower others, as opposed to only developing followers
      • Identify potential leaders
      • Assess their leadership talents and learning style preferences
      • Develop a plan for their growth
  • If you scored 90 to 99, give yourself a pat on the back. You are well on your way to becoming an empowering leader.
    • Leadership coaching tip: Focus on your weakest area of development
      • Develop a plan addressing only that skill set. Include:
        • Reading leadership articles/books specific to your area of development
        • Keep a journal of weekly activity toward improvement
        • Work with a mentor
      • Reassess your rating in six months
  • If you scored 75 to 90, you have built the foundation of effective leadership. Examine areas where you need to strengthen.
    • Leadership coaching tip: Focus on your two weakest areas of development plus one area of strength
      • Develop a growth plan for each of the three areas, with specific milestones, to include:
        • Selected readings focused on leadership and growth
        • Three activities per week in which you specifically address each of the three areas
        • Meeting with a mentor monthly, to keep you accountable to your growth plan
      • Reassess your rating in three months
  • If you scored 50 to 74, you are doing okay as a leader, but you have the potential to do much better.
    • Leadership coaching tip: Focus on two strength areas plus one of your areas of development
      • Develop a growth plan, with the help of your supervisor, for each of the three areas that includes:
        • Selected readings on leadership and growth
        • Three activities per week in which you specifically address each of the three areas
        • Meeting with your supervisor weekly to assess your progress and keep you accountable to your growth plan
      • Reassess your rating in three months
  • If you scored below 50, you have a lot of work to do as a leader. The good news is, you can practice these skills at work, at home and in the community.
    • Leadership coaching tip: Identify your career aspirations and determine where you want to be in the next 12 to 36 months. Do your aspirations include a role as a single contributor or a leadership position?
      • Develop a career development plan with your supervisor that is focused on your career aspirations
      • Reassess your rating in 12 months
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Tom Kukla
Tom is a highly experienced leadership coach, speaker and trainer. Prior to founding Credere Leadership, he spent 38 years in retail and medical sales, sales management, and management and leadership development. He developed a world-class management-training program from the ground up in the highly competitive pharmaceutical industry that served hundreds of sales and marketing colleagues. As a John Maxwell-certified coach, teacher and speaker, he offers organizations management and leadership workshops, seminars, training and coaching. You can reach Tom at tom@credereleadership.com and visit his website at LeadershipIsInfluence.com.