Nearly all of the capabilities from “Tesla’s Full Self-Driving” (FSD) package have been removed in order to relaunch its “Enhanced Autopilot” option.

It has been challenging to keep up with Tesla’s numerous price and option changes for Autopilot over the years.

In the end, the manufacturer decided to make Traffic-Aware Cruise Control and Autosteer standard on all of its models while combining the rest of the capabilities into its Full Self-Driving package, which will likely increase in price to $12,000 as the technology improves.

Prior to that, Tesla’s “Enhanced Autopilot,” included the majority of the functions present in the FSD package except for the hypothetical future ability to unlock a real, complete self-driving system via software updates.

Tesla eventually integrated some of the Enhanced Autopilot functions into the FSD package and discontinued Enhanced Autopilot rather than bringing it back a couple times as an optional software upgrade.

Today, Tesla changed course and fully reinstated Enhanced Autopilot as a $6,000 add-on option for new vehicles.

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