How Talent Operations Affects Your Entire Dealership

Talent Operations

Are you building an employee brand online and in-store that attracts and retains the right talent for your dealership? Here to help explain how talent operations affect your entire dealership is Adam Robinson, Co-Founder, and CEO, of Hireology.talent operations There has been heavy buzz regarding the disruptiveness that cars from Tesla, Uber, Waymo, and lyft are causing among the automotive retail community. Could we see this change the course of a dealerships sales process and it can affect our consumers? Adam Robinson thinks so as they are displaying an upper head from their technology to customer experiences. He says, “they are doing it differently, from a different way to buy to service automobiles, to marketing them, it’s just a different showroom experience”. He goes on to explain how consumers have come to expect a different level of experience when buying a vehicle or taking theirs in for service needs. As the buyer’s expectations grow it is important that the dealership adapt to this change and place the right-minded and capable employees on the game time showroom floor. In order to meet such demand though, you need to reevaluate your standards of hiring and examine your team to ensure you are cultivating and encouraging the brightest talent.

Hiring is a tricky field within the dealership environment. Before you go and start hiring all new employees or part way from others, you need to invest the time and resources to make sure you are managing your personal correctly. Data shows that half of a dealership’s operating cost is being spent on payroll expenses. Adam implies that most dealers have a more effected way to manage office supplies then they have to manage and hire employees. He suggests spending time focusing on this department. After all, it’s the core of your dealership and why is runs. Employee Branding is a largely overlooked competent in a dealer’s success. Start analyzing and strategies your employment brand if you have not already. You need to spend the same amount of effort developing the talent acquisition department that you spend creating marketing and sales campaigns.