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microchip shortage

Microchip shortage now expected to last until next Christmas

While hopes of a supply chain recovery persisted throughout the year, industry insiders now expect microchip shortages to last throughout 2023. Semiconductor and chip manufacturers...

Customers pay over MSRP for most purchases in January, report finds

In a seller’s market, holding firm on price is expected. For four out of every five car buyers in January, the dealership where they...
car ownership

A look under the hood: the rising cost of car ownership

As American consumers face surges in both gas and vehicle prices, it’s no secret that the cost of car ownership is rising. But this...

Auto retailers poised to handle inflated vehicle prices on rising materials...

Emptying car lots have been a challenge for dealerships in the hot selling season, but higher profits have been a boon on the backs...
consumer price index

Consumer Price Index Grows in July, Especially in Automotive

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) announced on Wednesday that the Consumer Price Index for July 2020 rose by 0.6 percent including seasonal...