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Are three-day holiday weekends still impactful? | Will self-driving cars improve...

On today's CBT Newscast for Tuesday, October 17th, 2017: Are three-day holiday weekends still impactful? We know it's another month from now, but if you haven't...

Why are customers so interested in trucks & SUVs?

We know SUVs, trucks, and crossovers remain popular among car buyers. Why they remain popular is the question we all want answered. AutoTrader released...
fuel efficient

8 in 10 Americans Want More Fuel Efficient SUVs and Trucks

Fuel economy remains the top vehicle attribute that has the most room for improvement, according to a nationally representative survey of Americans by Consumers...

Americans Are in Love With SUVs and Pickups

The car as we have known it appears to be doomed in the U.S. No, not because we'll all be biking orĀ taking buses or flying...

Ford Executive VP: Dealers need balance of cars & trucks/SUVs

  It certainly feels as if one day we will see dealerships stocked with just trucks, SUVs, and crossovers. Cars just aren't as popular with...

Truck & SUV profits holding strong as car sales decline

  In this interview from CNBC, Karl Brauer, Kelley Blue Book, says cars, unlike trucks, are not giving automakers the profits they want to see....

CBT News – December 8, 2015

On today's show: How hiring outside the auto industry works for one manager Why the cars versus trucks debate is important for your dealership ...

How converting women to truck-buyers will increase profits

So have you seen that commercial, the one about women usingĀ trucks for everyday activities? Well life is now imitating art because using women-centric advertising...

CBT News – November 24, 2015

On today's show: Michael Sos, Product Manager for Interactive Media at Dominion Dealer Solutions, on the social media platform you may be neglecting How...

Trucks and SUVs continue to keep new vehicle sales on track

In what has become a solid market trend this summer, sales of trucks and SUVs kept total new vehicles sales on track in July,...