How converting women to truck-buyers will increase profits

So have you seen that commercial, the one about women using trucks for everyday activities? Well life is now imitating art because using women-centric advertising can help move trucks and boost profits, according to Anne Fleming, President of

In this month’s issue of Car Biz Today Magazine, she says major automakers are starting to think about women buyers when they design truck models now. Trucks are a hot commodity. Just in October, sales of trucks, SUVs, mini-vans, crossovers, and other light trucks increased 22 percent overall. Currently, women buy smaller cars that offer less per-unit profit, but Flemming offers these advertising tips to dealerships that will not only appeal women considering a pickup truck, but will fatten your dealership’s profit margin:

  1. Broad your audience. Make sure your truck ads are gender-balanced. On your website, take steps to feature images of women using trucks.
  2. Show truck reviews from women. Women look at reviews written by other women. Your website and social media pages should include links to those reviews.
  3. Speak to your demographic. Trucks are an easy sell in rural areas, but don’t neglect the ways truck are practical in a number of city settings as well.

To view the rest of the list, check out Anne’s article in the November issue of Car Biz Today Magazine, available here.