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TransUnion's Satyan Merchant reveals key strategies for digital retailing success in the auto industry amidst market challenges.

How auto retailers can modernize the ways they engage with consumers...

Many of today’s automotive consumers do a bulk of their shopping online, so there’s extra pressure on dealers to make sure transactions are done...
Unpacking digital retailing in auto sales. Discover how TransUnion aids dealers in creating seamless, secure car-buying experiences.

Auto dealers and digital retailing: a modern marriage

It’s well established that evolving consumer preferences and technological advancements have transformed the car buying process in recent years — with auto shoppers, buyers...
Human Rights Abuses

Union says auto industry benefiting from human rights abuses

The United Auto Workers (UAW) union is demanding automakers across the country cease operations in the Xinjiang region of China, over accusations of human...
subprime loans

Subprime loans recover, delinquencies drop in new TransUnion report

Subprime loans for autos have sprung back to nearly pre-pandemic levels, and fewer borrowers are defaulting on their payments. That’s according to TransUnion's Q3...

TransUnion forecasts a shift in auto lending in 2021

The 2021 Consumer Credit Forecast was released by TransUnion on Dec 10, and it predicts that access to consumer credit like personal loans and...