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Todd Katcher

Why dealers should ditch the whiteboard and go digital — Todd...

Although technology is well on its way to transforming the world of automotive retailing, a surprising number of dealers fail to realize how poorly...
Tim Cox CarNow co-founder and SVP of sales

How CarNow is upping the digital retailing game for dealers in...

The number of software solutions and technology platforms promising to revolutionize the dealership experience can be overwhelming to sift through as a storeowner. Tim...
Ujj Nath myKaarma CEO

myKaarma CEO Ujj Nath shares money saving insights for dealers

Dealers are always looking for ways to save money or make money. Ujj Nath is the CEO of myKaarma, a leading communications and payment...
Carla Wade Lotlinx

How technology is enabling better customer focused practices in 2023 —...

As the market shows signs of recovery, dealers increasingly want to know what the new normal will be, and what actions they should take...
Vehlo acquires Velocity Automotive

Vehlo acquires Velocity Automotive to expand suite of vehicle reconditioning software

Software can help remove barriers to dealership success, but, given the multitude of products on the market, store owners need a place where they...
Jonathan Dawson

How to beat the competition when it comes to inventory

Randy Kobat: Senior VP of Inventory Software Solutions of Cox Automotive