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Tesla beta

Tesla releases Full Self-Driving Beta v11 to merge with Autopilot software

Tesla vehicles are getting a long-delayed self-driving update, which combines the automakers' Autopilot and full self-driving beta (FSD) stacks.  The software upgrade was initially scheduled...
The road ahead for autonomous vehicles

Autonomous vehicles: A look at the future of self-driving cars

The auto industry has been revolutionized by technology in recent years, with the introduction of electric vehicles and the emergence of connected cars. However,...
mobility transportation

5 innovations shaping the future of automotive mobility

If science fiction writers had their way, we'd all be moving around by self-piloted pods hundreds of feet above the ground. But that future...
self-driving software

Tesla recalls 362,000 vehicles due to NHTSA pressure on self-driving software

Tesla is set to recall over 362,000 vehicles equipped with the company's Full Self-Driving beta software, after facing pressure from the National Highway Traffic...
automated vehicles

Consumer comfort with automated vehicles may be overstated — J.D. Power

The J.D. Power 2022 US Mobility Confidence Index (MCI) study shows that consumer readiness for automated vehicles (AV) remains low, dropping three points from 2021.  The...

General Motors startup Cruise recalls self-driving software following June crash

General Motors has announced a recall of 80 self-driving vehicles under its startup, Cruise LLC. The company said the recalled vehicles underwent a software...
full self-driving

Ralph Nader calls on NHTSA to remove Tesla’s ‘full self-driving’ tech

Former Presidential candidate and consumer protection advocate Ralph Nader has called for federal regulators to recall Tesla's "full self-driving" (FSD) features. Nader referred to the vehicles as "manslaughtering" and...

California DMV accuses Tesla of deceptive marketing for its self-driving tech

The California DMV has accused Tesla in two separate filings of the use of deceptive marketing practices. Specifically, the company has been using terms such as “autopilot” and...

US lawmakers set their sights on reviving self-driving car legislation

As self-driving technologies begin to hit the market, new laws need to be enacted to create order at a federal level. Now, self-driving vehicles...

Amazon-owned Zoox plans to test self-driving robotaxis in California

Amazon's self-driving firm and robotaxi company Zoox is gearing up for an official launch by applying for a California permit to test-drive its flagship...