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Tesla releases Full Self-Driving Beta v11 to merge with Autopilot software

Despite its name, Tesla's technology is still regarded as a level 2 driver-assist system because it is the driver who is ultimately responsible.

Tesla vehicles are getting a long-delayed self-driving update, which combines the automakers’ Autopilot and full self-driving beta (FSD) stacks. 

The software upgrade was initially scheduled to release in November of 2022 but has remained in closed testing until now. The merger of the two driver assistance packages means that Tesla owners can use one system to navigate non-highway and highway roads. Yet, over 400,000 drivers are subscribed to the beta but have not received a significant update since its release.

Despite its name, Tesla’s technology is still regarded as a level 2 driver-assist system because it is the driver who is ultimately responsible. Although some updates saw driving capabilities regress, the program has kind of been a “two steps forward, one step back” type of thing.

Additionally, Tesla has constantly added new owners to the FSD Beta program and released new software updates.

Nearly all Tesla customers in the U.S. who purchased the FSD package for their vehicles are currently enrolled in the program since the beta’s wider release last year. There are currently over 400,000 Tesla owners in the program.

Elon Musk remarked that the update is a crucial milestone since it adds numerous new neural networks. But it’s also significant from the standpoint of the consumer because it’s anticipated to combine Tesla’s Autopilot software stack, which is used as a level 2 driver assistance system on highways, with Tesla’s FSD Beta software stack, which is largely utilized on roads and city streets. 

Although Musk has been indicating that a wider release is roughly a week away since last month, last week he claimed it will happen this weekend.  

Over that weekend, Tesla will begin spreading FSD Beta to more vehicles. But, if you haven’t gotten it yet, don’t freak out. While Tesla has reportedly begun a wider distribution, it appears that the update is still being implemented gradually.

Always exercise caution when trying new software. Keep your hands on the wheel at all times, and be prepared to take the wheel at any time.

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Jaelyn Campbell
Jaelyn Campbell
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