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Edmunds exec. Jessica Caldwell discusses end-of-year sales for 2021

Consumers are coming back into the showroom or looking through your inventory online this holiday season. So as we wrap up the year, we...

Why eCommerce is here to stay post-pandemic

In 2020 dealers across the country were forced to massively adapt the way they serve their customers. With the rise in safety measures, lockdowns,...

How an influx of capital for car dealers is shaping the...

On today’s show, we’re pleased to welcome Alan Haig, President and Founder of Haig Partners to discuss the current state of car dealership values....
mental health

Post-Pandemic mental health declining in employees – here’s how you can...

The effects of the pandemic are far from over, even for those who haven’t been infected by the coronavirus. The latest Mental Health Index:...
express lane

Best Practices for Post-Pandemic Express Lane Service

In wake of a global pandemic, the safety of guests and employees is foremost on dealers’ minds. Safety is foremost on the minds of...

Who to Advertise to in Post-Pandemic Auto Market

Auto industry recovery has begun after the sudden spring shutdown due to COVID-19. Its pace, however, isn’t on par across all demographics. According to...