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Finding the bright spots for F&I during COVID-19

We are always looking for silver linings when things are going haywire in life. The last 6 months navigating the COVID-19 crisis as a...

Car Buyers Have Positive Outlook, But Still Show Concerns From COVID-19

There may be a swing in optimism among car buyers even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. At least, that seems to be...
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Tips for Improving Dealership Reviews and Maintaining a Meaningful Online Reputation

The first step in the car-buying journey today is not a physical one, but a digital one. Customers typically spend the bulk of the...

How to Turn Recalls Into Positive Customer Experiences

Recalls are never good news for customers. At best, it means the added inconvenience of scheduling an appointment, waiting for the repair, and/or leaving...

Positive Reactions to Negative Rejections

Even the best salesperson will have a bad day. Rejection comes hand-in-hand with sales, so it’s essential to know how to react when the...

5 Things that will give you a positive mindset all day

  A positive mindset helps your brain perform significantly better than a negative, neutral, or stressed mindset. According to, there are five things you...

Daily Newscast: Does marketing during big sporting events work for dealers?...

  In today's CBT Newscast for Monday April 3rd, 2017: Does marketing during big sporting events work for dealers? Marketing around huge sporting events is garnering a lot...