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Average new vehicle transaction price continues to hold above $40k

The average transaction price for new vehicles in the United States continues to hold the line well above $40,000. Late in 2020, the transaction...

Strong Pre-COVID-19 Sales Could Help Dealers Succeed Later

The auto industry has been running at full throttle for a few years now. Annual new vehicle sales have peaked at more 17 million...

Who Needs Referrals Anyways?

Our industry is typically one of immediacy. Questions like “What would it take to earn your business right now?” are very typical and used...

Rising New-Vehicle Prices Lead to Boom in Used-Vehicle Market

As new-vehicle prices continue to rise, so do interest rates. To compound the issue, manufacturers also seem to be getting stingier with incentives. This...
used vehicle

Used Vehicle Prices are Steady and Strong: Here’s Why…

Used-vehicle sales typically spike in spring and taper off throughout the rest of the year. With the start of school and the end of...
used vehicle leasing

Used Vehicle Leasing: Why You Should Take a Closer Look

The concept of leasing has been around since at least 2000 BC. New vehicle leasing has been around almost as long as the automobile...