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Maserati unveils new GranTurismo Folgore with both electric and gas-powered options

Maserati has unveiled the GranTurismo Folgore, the first all-electric grand touring sports car and one of three versions of the maker's new all-wheel drive...
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How Social Media Influencers Are Changing the Auto Industry

As consumer attention fragments among the various pulls of modern-day media, companies are turning to unconventional sources to move their products front and center....

Why Maserati and other manufacturers may want to skip the dealer

A New York administrative judge has ruled that Maserati’s proposed modifications to their franchise agreement are “unfair”. Among the proposed changes, Maserati was seeking...

Why Lamborghini is just now joining the crossover hype

If you haven't realized that the love of SUVs and crossovers by customers is here to stay, even brands like Lamborghini are finally figuring...
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Maserati CEO Reid Bigland: SUVs & crossovers are here to stay

Do you think customers will change their minds on buying SUVs and crossovers? Do you think that this popular trend is more of a...

Daily Newscast: Maserati’s Reid Bigland: SUVs & crossovers are here to...

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