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clean car rule stands in Minnesota when it comes to emissions standards

Proposed 2026 fuel economy standards put pressure on automakers and car...

On August 5, the NHTSA under the Biden Administration announced they would be seeking new, stricter fuel economy standards for all new light vehicles....

Trump fuel economy penalty rollback overturned by appeals court

On Monday, the U.S. court of appeals overturned the rollback of fuel economy regulatory penalties that were implemented under the Trump administration. The ruling...
CAFE Standards

Update on the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) Standards

Back in 1973, the energy crisis struck fear into many Americans, including members of Congress. The oil embargo was highly to blame, as the...
fuel economy

Trump to review fuel economy standards

  CNBC reports on President Trump's attempt to review fuel economy standards and what this means for the auto industry. Watch the special report from CNBC.
Lucid Motors

Daily Newscast: Lucid Motors takes on Tesla, One simple way to get...

  In today’s CBT Newscast for Wednesday March 22, 2017: The 2017 Automotive Engagement Conference A seven-city national tour showing dealers how to measure consumer engagement to...
Commission in BDC

Daily Newscast: Should BDC work on commission, Trump to lower fuel...

In today’s CBT Newscast for Tuesday March 21, 2017: Should BDC get paid on results? We know salespeople and sales managers get paid on results? Should...