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Len Short shares strategies to profit from discounted aging car inventory as dealerships enter discounts on the recent Inside Automotive.

How dealerships can more effectively manage inventory risks – Len Short |...

Dealerships are in a critical phase as discounts are being applied to aging car inventory. Len Short, the Chairman and CEO of Lotlinx, speaks...
Jonathan Dawson shares his insights into the core principles that help entrepreneurs drive business success in a challenging environment.

How your salespeople can utilize AI to sell more vehicles

 Are you afraid of SkyNet? Does the idea of artificial intelligence scare you? If not, then it probably should. On today's episode of Mind...

Top 6 car sales tools that every dealership needs today

Today, customers are lining up to buy vehicles, and salespeople mostly take orders. We don’t know when supply chain issues will resolve. We do...

Digital Hubs in Your Dealership: A Smart Investment?

Self-service, digital hubs are a growing phenomenon in all areas of business. Self-checkouts are ubiquitous at large chains like Wal-Mart, Target, and Albertsons, and...