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Digital Hubs in Your Dealership: A Smart Investment?

Self-service, digital hubs are a growing phenomenon in all areas of business. Self-checkouts are ubiquitous at large chains like Wal-Mart, Target, and Albertsons, and fast-food giants like McDonald’s have recently been experimenting with digital ordering systems. The call for more of the same in transportation has been heeded by train stations, airports and bus terminals around the world as the majority now offer automated check-in and ticketing kiosks as well.

The automotive industry has begun embracing the trend, most recently with a variety of hubs in dealerships. For many, these hubs seem to pose a risk, as they see the technology replacing jobs formerly occupied by humans. However, there are many benefits to introducing digital, self-service hubs. Here are four reasons why you may want to check digital hubs out and consider them for your dealership.

4. Get More Work Done With Expedited Services
As mentioned above, some naysayers claim that automating parts of the buying process takes away jobs from people. The truth is, though, industries who have added digital hubs, for example, restaurants, have found that the tech hasn’t really impacted them in that way. Instead, companies like McDonald’s have found that digital hubs help them streamline and expedite the selling process, freeing up their staff to process more orders, as well as helping them move more back-of-the-house employees to the front.


Using a hub in your dealership can help your secretary manage appointments more efficiently so that they can focus on other important assistant tasks. It can also allow your salespeople to see more people each day as much of the busy filing work can be cut down. Customers can fill out forms or browse inventory in the hub while waiting for you to be available. Instead of feeling pulled in multiple directions, salespeople can focus fully on one customer at a tie without worrying that other customers are impatiently waiting or walking away.

2. It’s What Your Customers Want
More and more, people are loath to speak to one another. Ask most millennials and they’ll express a fear of having to communicate with people. They’ll appreciate being able to do much of the searching and buying process digitally with your salesforce in the wings to assist as needed. Showroom hubs can ease these customers in so that they can look for a car in a more familiar, comfortable way.

3. Hubs Can Step in When You Can’t
Even the best sales-team needs to sleep. Hubs allow for business to continue after hours. Take the Smart Service Kiosk (SSK) for example. This outdoor kiosk not only facilitates appointment scheduling but also allows customers to securely pick up and drop off keys at their convenience. This means you can continue doing business before and after hours.

4. Use a Hub to Find Out More
HubsAs with almost every digital service today, digital hubs collect and analyze data. Whenever a customer uses a service, the hub can collect the data to discover trends or preferences. These pieces of information, in turn, can help you better customize your dealership experience so customers enjoy their time with you more. Collected data can also help you know more about who your target customers are, and whether or not you’re reaching them. Using data, you can advertise more accurately and connect with groups in a more focused, meaningful way. You can also see what inventory is popular and focus on what’s selling or troubleshoot what’s not.

While not every digital hub available will be right for your dealership, these four points should give you a good idea as to why it’s at least worth looking into getting a digital hub for your dealership.

Chana Perton
Chana Perton
Chana Perton is a contributing writer and investigative journalist for CBT News.

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