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3 tasks BDC staff should handle and 3 they should not

The Business Development Center (BDC) is the central nervous system of many auto dealerships. It's the hub that makes things happen and the lifeblood...
athlete marketing NIL

Is athlete marketing through NIL worth it for auto dealers?

The NCAA’s recent new rules on name, image, and likeness (NIL) will profoundly impact student-athletes’ lives. For the first time, they will be able...

5 nuts and bolts of successful dealership marketing campaigns

For years, YouTube, TikTok, and online social media, in general, have educated consumers on how to spot good marketing. But unfortunately, it's also made...
oil change tires

Goodbye to the oil change

Tires are one of the major keys to customer retention. It has taken a decade or more, but most dealers now realize this is...
online marketplace

5 tips to outperform your competitors in the online marketplace

When buying a car, today's consumers have more choices than ever. They can buy from a traditional dealership, an online-only marketplace, or even directly...

How will EVs affect your service department?

As dealers grapple with the impact that electric vehicles will have on their business, the one topic that is often glossed over is, what...
online ads

5 ways to make your online ads stand out

In a recent Think with Google "At a Glance" article that may have popped into your inbox, they discussed five key strategies to better...

5 marketing KPIs every car dealer needs to measure and track

The automotive industry is in flux and may be experiencing even more upheaval over the next six months. Small businesses like auto dealerships need...

Auto industry stakeholders need to come together on a standardized data...

The automobile industry is facing significant disruption on multiple fronts. Access to data, sharing of data, and control of data have been at the...
automotive marketing

New to automotive marketing analytics? These 3 options can help you...

In the past, traditional marketing was based a lot on trial and error. Dealerships would try different tactics and then wait to see what...