Wednesday, July 6, 2022
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online marketplace

5 tips to outperform your competitors in the online marketplace

When buying a car, today's consumers have more choices than ever. They can buy from a traditional dealership, an online-only marketplace, or even directly...

5 marketing KPIs every car dealer needs to measure and track

The automotive industry is in flux and may be experiencing even more upheaval over the next six months. Small businesses like auto dealerships need...

3 tasks BDC staff should handle and 3 they should not

The Business Development Center (BDC) is the central nervous system of many auto dealerships. It's the hub that makes things happen and the lifeblood...

Auto industry stakeholders need to come together on a standardized data...

The automobile industry is facing significant disruption on multiple fronts. Access to data, sharing of data, and control of data have been at the...
Call to action

6 effective call to action ideas car dealerships can try today

Your dealership's goal is to get customers through the door and behind the wheel of a new car. But how do you go about...
automotive marketing

New to automotive marketing analytics? These 3 options can help you...

In the past, traditional marketing was based a lot on trial and error. Dealerships would try different tactics and then wait to see what...

5 ways to align your auto marketing strategy with customer needs

When it comes to marketing, the customer is always right. But what happens when the needs of the customer and the business are out...
electric vehicles

How electric vehicles might affect the fixed-ops department

Automotive News published an article a while back with the headline “Dealers, get ready for absorption rates that drop to as low as 25%” The...

Supply chain update: Not enough chips for chipmaking machines

In a strange catch-22, chipmakers are running out of the chips needed for their chipmaking machines. And it's going to affect everyone unless priorities...

How to prepare for your new career as a car salesperson

Car sales continue to grow, and you may be looking to join the sales team at the dealership. However, you'll need more than a...