How to solve the service tech shortage

We often hear the phrase, “dealers need to prepare for the future.” Obviously, we would receive a lot of different answers on what it really means to be truly prepared with issues facing dealers years from now. For Bruce Knudsen, Executive Vice President for the Montana Auto Dealers Association, it means looking to solve one of the most extreme problems: the service tech shortage.


  1. Will CBT take a huge risk and interview an actual automotive technician (apprentice and a journeyman)about this subject? Is there a valid reason why not to do so? Also I would like to see some precise facts/statistics about how many technicians actually earn $100,000 per year after taxes compared to how many earn much less. Perhaps a detailed examination of rather unpleasant working conditions, long hours, intense physical and mental demands, frequent exposure to hazardous chemicals, and a corrupted flat rate pay system would be a good start toward investigating why this industry is so unattractive to younger people. Solving an extreme problem will surely require an extreme solution and can possibly require an extreme increase in wages to attract workers to enter the auto repair business.


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