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Some customers are not pleased with Rivian’s decision to cancel the entry-level version of its R1T electric truck, essentially raising the price of its base model electric truck by over $6,000. 

In an email to customers, Rivian said it was canceling the base “Explore” model, which has a starting price of $67,500. The decision makes the starting price of $73,000 for their “Adventure” trim their lowest-level option. The automaker also canceled the less expensive trim for its electric SUV, the R1S. Customers with existing orders can either upgrade to the more expensive trim level or cancel their pre-orders.

Rivian customers have taken to online forums to express their outrage over the company’s plans to discontinue the production of its most affordable electric truck. The company claims that “only a small percentage of customers” had ordered the now canceled model.

A customer on the Rivian Owners Forum stated that they were “totally enraged” and “let down at the same time” after receiving the email. Rivian customers were faced with similar outrage this past March when the company increased the estimated prices of its vehicles by up to 20%. That move meant some pre-order holders would have to pay between $10,000 and $20,000 more for their trucks. Those plans were only held for a day after Rivian walked back the increase and apologized to customers. 

Many electric vehicle makers are struggling to set affordable prices for lower-entry vehicles. Tesla previously announced plans that their Model 3 would have a starting price of $35,000 but eventually stopped offering it when actually getting the EV for that price proved too difficult. 

Ford also announced that they would be raising the price of their electric pickup truck, the F-150 Lightning, by more than $7,000 across all trim levels. The price increase will take effect when the vehicles go back on sale, according to an announcement from the company earlier this month.

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