Powerful ways to pick yourself up when hardships knock you down

When you get knocked down, what's your game plan for getting back up?

Many of us experience setbacks and get knocked down from time to time, whether it be rejection in business or a global pandemic. As life and the pandemic continue it’s important to understand that you can get back up and succeed in today’s environment.

On today’s show, we’re pleased to welcome back ‘The Master of Disaster’ aka Dr. Randall Bell, socio-economist, CEO of Landmark Research Group, and author of many books including his latest titled Post-Traumatic Thriving: The Art, Science and Stories of Resilience.

The idea of the book, Bell says, is to lay out the three stages of trauma. There’s the dive stage where you get knocked down and the survive stage, where you get back on your feet. However, a certain segment of the population, not only goes from dive to survive, but also to thrive.

Whether it be COVID or the death of a loved one or disease, a death, a divorce, drug addiction, the process is remarkably similar. Trauma knocks us all down and throws us out of balance, but if it’s lingering on, then it’s time to take some action and address it. When people emerge from the other side of trauma, there are often more empathetic. Experiencing hardship can raise our awareness and productivity if we take the right steps.

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