What Position Is Your Dealership Missing? Our Insider Tells You Why You Need To Add It.

adding a position

That sounds nice right? That’s the goal of course with every move and decision your dealership makes. So, if adding a position to your team this year benefits the experience of customers and therefore helps get more customers into your store that would add to your bottom line.

In this month’s edition of Car Biz Today Magazine Anne Fleming, President Of Women-Drivers.com says if you want to dive deeper into what really happens before, during and after a sale or even during a service visit, she suggest your dealership create a Director Of Customer Engagement And Experience.

One responsibility this position would have would be collecting and analyzing data, then leading an effort to optimize the customer life cycle with the end goals of improving customer satisfaction.

An overview of the responsibilities would include: identifying customer satisfaction drivers. Assess sales performance gaps relative to competitors. Create customer satisfaction surveys and interviews. Perform on-site observations, conduct extensive reviews of social media and internet reviews, create action plans to improve performance and identify metrics for success evaluation.

Fleming adds that this director would also assess all of your dealership’s departments and find ways to make their customer service as seamless as possible. It would be an especially strategic role at stores with multiple brands and those that receive reviews on multiple platforms.