Pete MacInnis, eLend Solutions- The Biggest Issues of Car Buying

From “it takes too long,” to “there is a lack of transparency,” or consumers just want to process everything online, there is a shift in the air across the country and particularly within dealerships. Pete MacInnis, Founder & CEO of eLend Solutions, joins CBT News to discuss the biggest issues of the car buying process and what needs to change within the industry that benefits everyone. “There is still a lot of fear from a dealership perspective of not wanting to give up the finance piece to early.” but this is were many consumers are calling for change, MacInnis explains to CBT Network. One thing you hear often that consumers want is for the finance portion of the car buying experience be moved towards the front of the process. The customers want to know where their money is being spent and how much of it before they go further down the road to a transaction. MacInnis believes that bringing the finance department forward in the buying process is key. “Yes, it seems customer-centric, but isn’t it about giving the customer more of what they want, even if that means allowing them to do more upfront in the process.” he says during the intrview.

eLend Solutions pioneered an online interactive credit application and their ID Drive product, that pulls and store information from a license and no use of paper. Joining eLend’s line up come the second quarter is their credit-hub Dealmaker. This launch allows dealers to manage, track, and pull any and all information needed on the potential buyer with interaction only with two tabs. The first tab in the fold will include everything on the customer’s stability, credit, trade in, down payment and more. The second tab is the deal maker. This tab digitized lender rate sheets so you can take in an infinite number of rate sheets and consolidate it to a selected few that makes the most sense to the buying party.