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Paul J. Daly unveils ASOTU CONs’ unique blend of trade shows and networking hub

ASOTU CON 2024 is right around the corner [May 14-17]. In just about a month, many in the industry will gather in Baltimore for this convention and all things automotive! Paul J Daly, the founder and CEO of ASUTO, joins us on the most recent episode of Inside Automotive to provide us with a sneak peek at what attendees can expect.

Key Takeaways

1. Daly emphasizes that ASOTU CON is an event that brings together different automotive industry sectors, including fixed-ops, sales, service, M&A, admin, culture, and leadership. The event fosters a holistic approach, which highlights the importance of integrating various verticals within the dealership to function cohesively and effectively.

2. The ASOTU CON event offers a unique experience that blends major concert vibes with a trade show and a community gathering. This environment is designed to keep participants engaged and together, fostering a sense of unity and collaboration uncommon in traditional conferences.

3. The value of face-to-face interactions and networking is a significant theme. The conference environment is crafted to encourage open, meaningful conversations and connections, facilitating the sharing of best practices and operational insights that can lead to tangible changes in the automotive business.

4. Focusing on delivering top-notch content and bringing in industry-leading speakers, ASOTU CON aims to provide attendees with insights and knowledge that can drive substantial improvement in their businesses. The lineup includes industry experts, successful dealers, and influential figures outside the automotive sector.

5. The discussion acknowledges the automotive industry’s historical challenges but emphasizes its ongoing transformation. The event and the community around it aim to highlight the positive aspects and drive forward a narrative that celebrates the industry’s evolution towards a more people-centric and service-oriented approach.

"It's like a major concert venue mixed with a trade show floor mixed with a hotel with a lot of great restaurants." – Paul J. Daly

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Jaelyn Campbell
Jaelyn Campbell
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