New study reveals the importance of online reviews and who engages in them.

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The focus remains the same for your dealership…making the car buying process better for customers. And evidently, some dealerships are doing a better job (as far as their reputation online), according to the leading provider of local SEO and review management, chat meter.

The major findings in chat meter’s study revealed that the average dealer in the U.S. has around 322 reviews. Of those reviews, 76% are 5-star reviews and only 12% are 1-star reviews. The average number of 5-star reviews per dealer was 244 versus the average number of 1-star reviews per dealer…40.

In the meantime, other findings revealed that dealerships receive 20% more reviews per month than just one year ago. Facebook is the 2nd largest review source for dealers and dealers focusing on improving reputations have had a direct impact on search engine rankings as well.