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Mike Cavanaugh on the State of BDCs: ‘Dealers have to make a commitment’


The role of the BDC is becoming ever-important in today’s business climate. The days of having a call center type of environment where employees just set appointments have changed dramatically. Consumers now have a new set of expectations due to COVID-19 and it’s up to the BDC to be well-versed in customer service and have a clear understanding of the dealership’s digital toolset. On today’s show, we’re pleased to welcome back Mike Cavanaugh, Executive Vice President for MAX Digital to discuss this further.

First and foremost, BDCs need to be staffed with the right people. These employees don’t necessarily need to have a sales background, but they do need to provide exemplary customer service. Especially now that more of the vehicle purchase is being done online. The BDC needs to be available to answer questions and walk customers through any roadblocks during a digital transaction.

“I think the dealership that hasn’t at least looked at starting a BDC or internet department really has to put a focus on that area. [Jim] mentioned earlier an example of somebody that tried it for 60 days, but we think you have to make a commitment,” says Mike. “It’s kind of like you wouldn’t build a body shop and try it out for 60 days.”

Mike Cavanaugh has worked in the automotive industry for over 20 years and served two tours in Iraq in the United States Marine Corps. At MAX Digital, he provides inventory management, merchandising, and digital retail solutions to dealerships on a national scale.

Mike Cavanaugh on the State of BDCs: ‘Dealers have to make a commitment’
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