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Meet The Customer Where They Shop: Solutions for Online Retailing – Scott Gunnell, JM&A

Are you still trying to figure out how online shopping and digital retailing affect your bottom line? To help us navigate through these issues CBT Automotive network is by Scott Gunnell, Vice President of Field Sales Operations and Strategy at the JM&A Group.

As digital retail gains more momentum, dealerships are learning how to capitalize on this ever-growing online space. Many of them realize that shoppers are using it to make purchases and the probability of it going away is very small.

For forty years, JM&A has been providing dealerships with the key solutions that they need to be more successful. To help consumers and dealerships bridge the gap between the stores and online retail, the solutions company has been installing software in various dealerships that allow the shopper to have a clear and hassle-free F&I process that doesn’t involve another person.

According to Scott, this is what the consumers want. He tells Jim that 90 percent of purchase decisions are made outside the store. So really, what dealerships need to do is figure out a process that allows the remaining 10 percent of the car buying experience to be as pleasant and easy as possible. “Once dealerships can realize that the consumer is the center of the transaction… the dealership is just a touch point along the way,” says Gunnel.

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