Learn about one dealerships guaranteed customer incentives

So when you look around dealerships now, you’ll see free coffee and free snacks…certainly a bonus for customers, but are those things (or whatever your dealership offers for free) important enough to get customers returning to your store? At priority auto group, their promises of “free” go a lot further.

Try free oil changes for the life of a vehicle, along with free towing services, free state inspections, a lifetime engine warranty, free car washes and a guarantee to replace defective parts as long as they own the car…according to auto news.

And of course, all of that is at no up-charge to the transaction price of a new vehicle. CFO Stacy Cummings says simply, “we just look at it as a cost of doing business…and more important, as a cost of winning customer loyalty.”

Cummings adds that priority auto group has built its brand name on the line “priorities for life”, which bundles the cost guarantees together. It has certainly paid off, especially in the service drive.
Auto News says The Original Toyota Store in Chesapeake, Virginia had eight service bays when it was acquired by Dennis Elmer. He expanded it to 24 bays. In 2008, priority constructed a new building for the dealership and now…it has 72 service bays.

The group has grown to 19 new vehicle franchises around parts of Virginia and North Carolina.