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Kudelski IoT SVP Hardy Schmidbauer discusses the benefits of having vehicle theft prevention technology at the dealership

For those who are unfamiliar, RecovR is a two-in-one lot management and theft recovery solution by Kudelski IoT, a leading global IoT technology provider and unit of the Kudelski Group. With a proven team of more than 100 experienced professionals, Recover benefits from the Kudelski Group’s 70 years of innovation. RecovR has no upfront costs, enables dealerships to sell cars faster, and offers car buyers a valuable purchase add-on that captures incremental F&I revenue. On today’s show, we’re pleased to welcome Hardy Schmidbauer, Senior Vice President at Kudelski IoT and General Manager at RecovR.

RecovrWith RecovR comes new technology and a disruptive business model, which Schmidbauer believes sets them apart from their competitors. From the consumer perspective, they provide multiple different technologies to find your vehicle quickly, should it be tampered with. They’re also using different networks to ensure you have a good connection with your device and the application.

At the dealership level, each vehicle that has one of the RecovR’s devices can be located in real-time. Schmidbauer says it gives owners and GMs peace of mind to immediately be able to pull up their inventory and know exactly where everything is.

Additionally, RecovR devices can be sold to consumers in the F&I office as a theft recovery solution. Schmidbauer says he sees consumers using the product frequently. He adds that it’s an easy product to sell in F&I that consumers like and are willing to pay for. Some dealerships that are transitioning to online sales even utilize RecovR’s location services to possibly allow consumers after-hours access to a vehicle.

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