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Although Japan, specifically Tokyo, is a crucial player in the auto industry, the number of electric vehicle drivers in the country is low, and the company itself has been slow to join the electric vehicle market. According to a report by Reuters, Japan is secretly driving to push out and remove an important zero-emission electric vehicle rule.

Japanese automakers are under watchful eyes and scrutiny over how slowly they are introducing zero-emission regulations and efforts to increase electric vehicle use. In the past, Japan has lobbied against rules and policies that improve the quickness of electric vehicle technologies. 

The Country of Japan is lagging behind Europe and China as they are slow to accept the use of electric vehicles. According to the same draft, Japan has spoken about creating goals to encourage zero-emission vehicles and decrease pollution from automakers. However, there was a missing goal or clause of at least 50% zero-emission vehicles by 2030.

A close and undisclosed individual in the case confirmed to Reuters that Japan did propose changes to their goals regarding zero-emission electric vehicles. The final version of the communique will be released at the end of the day on Tuesday with the potential proposed changes. Toyota still believes and stands by the claim that fossil fuels are the real evil.

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