Is it Time to Update Your Phone Script? Here’s What it Should Include


Despite all the emerging technology, cold calling remains one of the most powerful tools in a salesperson’s box. Though customers are increasingly looking to the internet for car guidance, not every customer will find you when looking online. There will also be a percentage of buyers who won’t hear your radio ads and won’t see the print ones you’ve put out in the local circulars. That said, they do have phones, and if you play the call right, you can get them to come to visit your dealership as effectively as the other methods you’re using to drum up business.script

The key to a good cold call is the script sales staff use when making the calls. However, just because a script worked in the past doesn’t mean it should be used forever. Like all our sales tactics, phone scripts should be regularly evaluated and updated so they remain current and so they address new kinds of customers. Here are three things you want to make sure to include in an updated phone script.

Make Sure It’s a Good Time

The great thing about phones is that today you can usually reach a customer anywhere using them. The downside is that “anywhere” isn’t always convenient for customers. Many times customers hang up because they’re too busy or distracted to take a call.
When they pick up, identify yourself and your dealership and then ask them if now is a good time to speak. This question shows consideration towards the customer and sets the conversation up from a place of respect.

Inevitably, some customers will respond by saying that, no, it’s not a good time. That’s okay. Quickly follow up by asking them when would be a good time. Write that time down and be sure to follow up later.

Start Pitching Right Away

Customers today are sensitive to being sold things. On the one hand, it’s important to be upfront and introduce yourself right from the start so they know your name and which dealership you’re representing. But if you launch straight into a sale’s pitch, chances are they’ll hop in quickly to say they’re not interested and hang up.

scriptForstall this by holding off on your pitch for a bit. Instead, ask potential customers questions about their cars and current services. This draws the customer into a conversation, which in turn both keeps them engaged and informs you about what services to offer them, increasing the likelihood of followthrough.

Steer Towards Other Modes of Connection

As mentioned above, not every customer is going to be available when you are. Additionally, not every customer is going to need your services right then. Therefore, before the conversation is over, find a way to introduce other modes of connection so that they can eventually find their way to you.

Let them know more about your website and social media pages. Ask them if you can send them some promotional materials via email or snail mail. Make sure they know how to find you so that when they are ready to visit a dealership, yours is the first that comes to mind.