5 Ways To Impress Your Boss In 60 Seconds Or Less


Impressing your boss is always a good thing. Here are 5 ways to impress your boss in 60 seconds or less from LinkedIn:

1. Stand Tall
Standing up straight with your shoulders back and head up can communicate confidence and competence.

2. Stop By Just To Say “Hey”
Stopping to ask how your boss’ weekend was or talk about current events is one of the easiest ways to make an impression and stand out.

3. Listen, Listen, Listen
When you question your boss, pay attention to whatever they are saying. Leaning in slightly or tilting your head towards them are good ways to show that you’re involved and concentrated. Also… keep your phone in your pocket.

4. Smile
A smile can make all the difference in how someone perceives your attitude. By smiling you can look engaged and interested in whatever you’re doing.

5. Offer A Solution, Not A Problem
We are confronted with obstacles every day, constantly thinking about possible solutions. Next time you’re thinking about how to simplify your process or how to land the next big client, speak your mind. Don’t hold ideas in, no matter how foolish you may expect them to sound.


Read the full article from LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/5-ways-impress-your-boss-60-seconds-less-mohamed-karam