How Your Service Department Can Build Profitable Growth Amid Margin Compression – Jim Roche

Profitable Growth

Dealers are seeing margin compression for both new and used vehicles. Dealers are also seeing new car sales volume on the slow downslide. So if your ultimate objective is profitable growth, and statistics show that only thirty percent of service appointments are made in a dealership, what should you do if you’re looking to grow profitably? Jim Roche, the senior vice president of marketing with Xtime, thinks that it’s time to turn your attention back to the service department.

Jim Roche sits down for an interview with CBT News and talks about how dealers can better optimize their profitable growth with Xtime, a company that improves your service process, boosts revenue and increases retention by driving a better experience. They want dealers to be as efficient and effective as possible, one way they achieve that is by implementing a modern cloud-based technology.

The Xtime Cloud connects the solutions to create superior service. Within their cloud-based platform called Spectrum– a platform where dealers can invite customers online, schedule service appointments t the customer’ connivence, engage and inspect a customer’s vehicle with the latest technology and real-time engagement to provide the ultimate service land experience. Spectrum provides tools like bookable recall campaigns, Centralized Customer 360 access to service history, and even dashboards using visual analytics to help identify key service trends and opportunities. All of these contributors and others help in providing the consumers a technology-enhanced experience that increases dealer’s retention that is the engine that drives profitable growth.

Profitable Growth

Before we could end our interview we also had to ask Jim about his new publication. Fast Lane: How to Accelerate Service Loyalty and Unlock Its Profit-Making Potential, shares facts, figures, and insights about satisfaction and retention that will help you shape your future service operations. Upgrading the customer experience and improving loyalty are key objectives for retail automotive executives and managers, and Fast Lane uses real-world examples to provide direction for addressing the challenges of today and tomorrow. To learn more about the book and ways you can demo it, visit here.