How Gaudin Ford is Bringing Remote Business to Customers’ Homes

Gaudin Ford

Las Vegas, Nevada is largely an island unto itself, and in a city so reliant on tourism, the COVID-19 virus created an economic black hole that was not conducive to selling cars. While the majority of dealers across the country were reporting strong sales for the months of May and June, that was not the case for Wesley Gregg, General Manager at Gaudin Ford.

“May was a little bit more of a challenge. [Sales] started to pick up towards the end of it. Then it really began to move into June and through June,” says Wesley. “Both in new and used vehicles – the new vehicle situation, like most dealers, OEMs’ base supply is going thin. It’s kind of while supplies last.”

To combat these challenges, Gaudin Ford decided to convert one of their used Ford transits into a mobile F&I office. First reported by Automotive News, the idea for Gaudin Go was created organically and grew to an operational powerhouse.

Wesley explains, “We took every component that you would find in an F&I office and put it in the van including pictures, licenses, pens, and all that fun stuff.”

Gaudin Ford has always been digital-first. In terms of a completely digital transaction process, Wesley says they are taking more of a hybrid approach. Customers are able to do the majority of their research and purchase online, but there is still a need for in-person signatures.

To hear more insight and advice from Gaudin Ford GM Wesley Gregg, be sure to watch our full interview above.

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