Honda updates 2023 Accord with hybrid powertrain options

One of America's favorite vehicles just got better.

The 2023 Honda Accord adds a new hybrid powertrain and features like Bose audio and Google assistance, making one of America’s favorite vehicles even better. However, the Accord has discontinued the performance models that made up a small part of its sales.

According to Honda, the Accord has been the best-selling car in America for the past 50 years. Before SUVs replaced sedans and COVID-19 manufacturing delays made manufacturing schedules less reliable, sales of this model decreased by 24% to 202,676. 

Additionally, Honda anticipates that the Accord will lead a return to normalcy in 2023 when the automaker anticipates a 20%–25% increase in U.S. sales. The 2023 Accord’s new body is sleek and alluring, including a long hood, slim LED headlights, and a rear window in the fastback style. Yet, the height and width remain unchanged. 

With a brand-new 2.0L four-cylinder turbo and two electric motors, the hybrid is completely new. Hybrid output increases by 1% and 6% to 204 horsepower and 247 pound-feet of torque.

The hybrids provide gratifying acceleration, but none of its powertrains can yet match the output of the Touring 2.0T and Sport 2.0T from 2022, which had 252 horsepower and 273 pound-feet of torque coupled to a 10-speed automatic transmission.

Despite the most efficient 2023 Accord model’s remarkable score of 51 mpg in city driving, EPA fuel economy ratings only slightly increased from 2022.

Honda Accord 2023 trim prices: 

  • LX: $27,295
  • EX: $29,610
  • Sport Hybrid: $31,895
  • EX-L Hybrid: $33,450
  • Sport-L Hybrid: $33,875
  • Touring Hybrid: $37,890

For a more comfortable ride, engineers improved the rear suspension and strengthened the chassis. The steering is quick and direct.

While EV permits short-distance driving at speeds up to about 30 mph using only the battery, sport modifies the steering and throttle responsiveness.

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Jaelyn Campbell
Jaelyn Campbell
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