High Achievers Vs. Amateurs – Joe Verde


The Joe Verde Group is passionate about the industry and the success that’s grown within. Joe Verde has spent decades in the automotive retail industry or what he refers to as “the best business in the world”. For many of those years, he has been training the next rising stars in dealerships across the nation. Thankfully, CBT News had time to catch up with Joe and talk about his new book, and what he hopes readers will learn from it.

Joe’s new book, Growth- High Achievers Vs. Amateurs Vol. 1- Your People, is about your desire for growth and how that starts by having the right people, better skills, and effective processes. Growth, written for dealers and managers, discusses how to develop high achievers and grow your dealership. Whether your salespeople right now are average, below or above average, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is the level of salespeople you will develop and work within the future.  Joe’s new book will show you how to develop high achievers and grow your dealership just by making minor improvements that will generate more gross profit this quarter.

Most dealers use the wrong formula to determine their ad costs and are astounded when they learn the true cost per sale. Throughout the book, Joe explains how you can earn another month of sales simply by giving your salespersons right tools.
For more information about Growth Volume 1. or any of the other books penned by Joe and Group please visit their website here. You can also learn more information about their training programs, class, and workshops.


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