Got Dealer (BI) Business Intelligence?


Far too many retail dealership organizations and like-kind service businesses that I consult with sit on loads of great customer DMS data, and do nothing with it. It’s truly amazing because, in that DMS, data is a goldmine of insight.

This is an insight that can further:

·       Unlock hidden performance and profitability.

·       Increase customer loyalty.

·       Create additional cash flow immediately.

·       Reduce client churn.

·       Increase bottom line while reducing the cost to do business.

·       Reduce parts obsolescence and much more.

These days, DMS data management is one of the most important tasks for any modern dealer and like-kind retail business. Businesses need to learn how to better analyze and inspect the data to find out the consumer demands and the best ways to meet them so they can maximize performance and profitability.

To stronger manage the huge amount of DMS data requires specialized Dealer/Business Intelligence solutions. The proper and timely use of the Dealer Management System (DMS) is the best solution for this purpose. So let’s discuss how using the DMS and Dealer BI (money screens) to manage your business data makes perfect sense.

Data Administration

As your business moves forward and continues to expand, you keep producing more and more data. You update and refine your business process, launch new services, get new customers, modify your marketing plan, workflow, etc. Your business success depends on how well you manage and use this data. Making sense of this incredible amount of data could be a significant challenge for any traditional retail-type business, so get help!

Fortunately, a DMS service provider that knows your business can help you manage and further influence all this data. A solid defined (Dealer Money System) that manages data and documents will be able to ensure the perfect management for any amount of data.

The better a dealership and/or retail organization directly relates to the productivity and overall performance of your business, the more profitable they can become. By further influencing a Dealer/BI DMS, you can enjoy superior results in all profit centers of the dealership. This will also provide instant access to all the necessary files along with the ability to share them with other departments.

Data Organization

Running a business which deals directly with customers, chances are high that you will receive lots of new information every day. For any growth-oriented business, analyzing this invaluable customer data and turning it information you can use could bring new opportunities.

Routine systems are definitely underutilized at the dealer level and this can make any DMS system seem slow and less reliable.

Don’t be fooled! Properly utilizing DMS helps you make data organization and usage performance much simpler. Once you set up the ground rules, the system will store, track and analyze the customer data as well as critical performance indicators, the way they work best for you and your dealership. Having access to the structured data and (Dealer Money Screens) will be incredibly useful and more powerful in making quick decisions or evaluating your dealership’s performance.

Processing Efficiency

Having an efficient workflow is one of the major requirements of any successful business. And this is more applicable to modern businesses that deal with customers on a regular basis all over the world.

Successful dealerships and like-kind businesses have a reliable system to get the work done within the specified timeframe. They need to ensure the perfect efficiency to meet the expectations of their customers as well as the performance and profitability requirements for the business to keep moving forward.

In order to achieve these goals and more, you and your management team need to create the industry know-how and capability of capturing, processing and analyzing data within seconds. What better way to do this than using a DMS Dealer/BI?

The automated system will take care of all the manual steps in document management and ensure a faster, efficient working process. A defined DMS Dealer BI type system will also allow you to establish a superior collaboration system opening up more lines of communication with the various stakeholders and managers of your business.

Final Words

In today’s highly competitive dealer and like-kind business world, you always have to be one step ahead of your competitors.  Using your DMS and Dealer BI in an influential way to drive your business forward in any economy just makes great business sense.

Maximizing the Dealer Money Screens of your DMS and converting that data into information that can be used to generate more business is right at your fingertips! DMS maximization and Dealer BI management systems could be an excellent way to do that. Along with helping you manage your business data, features like increased efficiency and enhanced performance and profitability will help you ensure a better overall business performance. If you are not using your DMS and a Defined Dealer BI system yet, this is the perfect time to start doing so.

Are you sitting on loads of data that you aren’t using? Would you like to learn how you can use it better?