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GM and Netflix partner up to promote EVs, starting with Super Bowl ad

Netflix will start including GM’s current and future EVs in Netflix-produced series and movies. 

Actor and comedian, Will Ferrell, returns in an upcoming Super Bowl commercial to promote General Motors EVs. Within the commercial, he talks with zombies from Netflix’s “Army of Death” and the kids from “Stranger Things,” while strolling through Regency-era England’s “Bridgerton” where a Cadillac Lyriq waits for him. 

The ad marks the beginning of a new partnership between GM and Netflix. Where Netflix will start including GM’s current and future EVs in Netflix-produced series and movies. 

Since GM does not pay for their EVs to appear in Netflix shows, GM and Netflix claim that this is not product placement. In fact, Netflix has similar agreements with other automakers to highlight their electric vehicles as well. Netflix sees the transition as a part of a cultural shift that will help the industry become more carbon-neutral and support the global switch to electric vehicles in an effort to slow global warming.

“GM does not pay Netflix to feature its vehicles,” said Marian Lee, Netflix’s chief marketing officer. “It’s not product placement because both of our firms are committed to a sustainable future and this is the beginning of an organic cooperation. We put a lot of effort into educating our creators how to utilize electric vehicles in all of our projects,” she adds. 

However, as part of the promotion for this partnership, GM plans to drop two teasers on social media on February 2 and a couple more ahead of a 60-second TV ad starring Ferrell that will show during the big game on February 12 in the second quarter. According to GM spokeswoman Anne Roberts, “it will be the final advertisement during the first break.”

According to GM’s Chief Marketing Officer Deborah Wahl, entertainment has a significant influence on culture, and by popularizing EVs on streaming, it will contribute to the development of an EV culture.

Although Netflix will not impose any particular stories on directors, EVs will probably be portrayed as a part of a character’s everyday activities, providing possibilities to demonstrate technical details such as how to charge them.

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Jaelyn Campbell
Jaelyn Campbell
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