Cory Mosley: Focus On Customer Experience Without It Costing Profitability

Cory Mosley

Cory Mosley Joins the CBT News team in the booth at The NADA Show where he shares about the key to creating an optical internet department and the emphasis on how dealers can connect and focus on customer experience without it costing profitability.

Saving time, being efficient and being productive are all playing factors in the automotive industry, but are they successfully connecting you to the bottom line. It is important to make sure all your efforts, processes and expectations directly correlate to completion of the end goal. Wasted energy not only spends the value of your time, it derails your focus off track.

connect“All digital products are great,” Says Cory, “Innovation in our industry has never been better.” Though all of this technology is rewarding and exciting, it can only work for your benefit if you figure out how to use and apply it to the bottom line. Cory explains further on how you need to know where your customers are, what mediums they prefer to connect on, and how you plan on strategically connecting.