Effective Greeting Requires Planning and Professionalism


In all of our interaction with OEM’s and individual dealers the greeting is a key component of the sales process that is talked about constantly. At most basic level how hard is it to have a consistent greeting that offers information and addresses the clients fears? Based on survey data and mystery shops there is still room for improvement.

The greeting is immensely important, setting the stage for client interaction. An effective greeting takes into account the client’s concerns and expectations, also paying close attention to the environment in which the greeting occurs. Sales professionals need to be capable of delivering greeting proactively, sincerely addressing common client concerns, while also being prepared for specific details that individual clients bring into the conversation.

The attitude in which a sales professional delivers the greeting is of prime importance. The attitude should be positive, upbeat and enthusiastic. These qualities should be reflected in the tone of voice that the sales professional adopts. The greeting should additionally be delivered with a smile on the face. The client ought to be treated as an important guest would be in our homes.

The greeting should address the client’s fear and concerns, relieving pressure, enthusiastically inviting the client deeper into the process, gathering information pertaining to the vehicle in which they are interested.

An effective greeting requires having a great attitude and being 100% committed to the task at hand, demonstrating a sincere appreciation for the client’s presence, knowing exactly what to say at first contact with the client, being prepared for common client objections or concerns, having a service statement ready outlining what you wish to provide for the client, taking an approach that is direct and to the point, making eye contact and continuing to smile, redirecting the client’s attention to the next step of the process.

Client Expectations

Clients expect to be greeted in a timely manner after they have exited their vehicles. They also expect to be greeted immediately upon entering the showroom. They expect salespersons to be courteous, knowledgeable and helpful, offering to provide them with information upfront, regardless of the method of contact they use, whether it be via telephone, the internet, or inside the showroom.

Key Steps in Fulfilling the Clients’ Expectations

In order to fulfill the clients’ expectations, offer information upfront. Initiate client sensitive issues, issues including price, trade, down payment, monthly payment and current incentives. Offer to present pricing to all clients.

Key Steps to Delivering Optimized Greetings

You need to use an orderly and efficient system in order to decide who greets each client in a timely manner. Client’s need to be acknowledged by sales personnel after arriving; clients should not have to initiate contact. Allow clients sufficient time to exit their vehicles and momentarily acclimate themselves to the dealership. Approach clients in a sufficiently timely manner so that they do not feel ignored and want for nothing. Yet do not approach them so quickly that they feel pressured.

The greeting must address the clients’ fears, relieving pressure and redirect their attention, shifting it to the next step of the sales process: the needs assessment/appraisal. The introduction to the manager must take place before vehicle selection, reaffirming appreciation for the client and validating the presentation/demonstration. As basic as it seems the greeting is still a challenging element for many sales people. Practice using information while being positive and professional. As cliched as it sounds a good first impression is critical to consistently getting deeper into the sales process. If you need further information on greeting the customer don’t hesitate to reach out with questions. We discuss this and other key elements to having a successful weekend in our live show Automotive Fridays every Friday at 2 pm EST on The Cardone Group Facebook and Instagram pages and Grant Cardone’s YouTube channel.