How does your dealership respond to online queries by car shoppers?

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If you work at a Porsche dealership, give yourself a pat on the back. According to, Porsche grabbed the top spot in a new study that measured how dealerships responded to online queries by car shoppers.

With 18,551 dealerships nationwide responding…the study looked at online responsiveness between September of 2015 to March 2016, with mystery shoppers making inquiries online to gauge dealership response.

Edmunds says that among the brands that improved their performance every year for the past three years…the list includes: Acura, BMW, Chevrolet, Ford , Mini And Mitsubishi.

The study cites that for 2016, dealers responded to half of the customer inquiries within 30 minutes, but one customer in 11 failed to receive a response of any type within 24 hours. The study also noted ford was the top-scoring non-luxury brand in 2016 and has performed above the industry average for the past three years.

In the meantime, Toyota finished at or above the industry average for the past three years. Nissan and Infiniti finished above average in 2016. Fiat/Chrysler fell below the industry average. GM brands performed below the industry average.